9L Foam Fire Extinguisher

9L Foam

Our 9L foam fire extinguisher F9B is quality certified to EN3, and meet the Milieukeur approved level of ecological and environmental protection standards. Foam fire extinguishers are suitable for use on class A solid combustible fires and class B flammable liquid fires. 9L foam fire extinguisher F9B with a fire rating of 43A 233B 40F.




Product Code F9B
Capacity 11.50L
Fire Rating 43A 233B 40F
Extinguishing Medium 15%ASX & 1.5%BSX233
Working Pressure 12bar
Temperature Range 0℃/+60℃
Cylinder Meterial Steel
Pressuring Gas N2
Test Pressure 27bar
Weight 14.50kg
Discharge Time ≥15S
Height of Extinguisher 610mm
Diameter 184mm
Height of Bottle 519mm


Individual Packaging
By Cartons/20GP 1122pcs
By Pallets/20GP 810pcs

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