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The roots of Evolution go back 1997,when Evolution was firstly established in Shangyu,Zhejiang China, Named World-Safety.The objective was to manufacture the high quality fire extinguishers,it’s the one of the oldest fire extinguisher manufacturer in china.

In 2017,both companies merged together under one holding company by Evolution,we take advantage of equipment and market integration,it has a larger market at home and abroad.Especially in the European market ,it has been affirmed by customers.After a long period of investigation and development,Fire extinguishers and High Pressure Vessel Bottle have become two major products of the mainstay.

We are committed to providing the most efficient and environmentally friendly portable fire extinguishers to users.Our complete range of portable fire extinguishers have obtained CE,BSI Kitemark,Benor EN3,NF EN3 Certificate by our brand “FlameBrother”.

The 6kg powder extinguisher provides up to 55A 233B fire extinguishing efficiency,This achievement is the most top fire rating level that can be achieved by portable fire extinguisher in the European union.

The 6L & 9L foam not only reduces the fluorine content to meet the Milieukeur approved level of ecological and environmental protection standards,it is also the first to achieve excellent fire extinguishing efficiency of 34A 183B 25F and 43A 233B 40F.Once the product was launched,it led the market development direction,it has increased the popularity of environmental protection fire extinguisher in developed areas of the European Union such as Britain and Germany.

We believe that in the near future,we will be honored to be the largest manufacturer of Fire Extinguisher and Gas Cylinders.

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Leo.H (CEO)


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